Kigali Special Economic Zone Phase I

Kigali Special Economic Zone Phase I (KSEZ Phase I)

The Kigali special economic zones phase 1 is located Munini village, Masoro cell, Ndera sector, Gasabo district on the outskirts Kigali city, just 4 kilometers from the Kigali international airport and 12 kilometers from the city center along the central transport corridor (to dares salaam). It occupies a total area of 159 hectares of which over 131 are for industrial use and 28 are for the green belt.

The GoR started to acquire the KSEZ land in 2006 and PEZ started infrastructure development of KSEZ phase 1 in 2008, where 6.5 kilometers of asphalt concrete roads, industrial designed water and electricity networks, centralized sewage treatment plant, fiber optic network and a firefighting system were developed.

The first industry to settle its factory in KSEZ was the Kigali agri-park established in 2010 ; currently, 42 manufacturing industries and 19 warehouses are operational and 13 other